Just one of those weeks …

It all started on Monday when Chris spun the car on the drive trying to get up (and it is a steep upward slope) and out onto the road to go to the cinema. A foolish idea given the conditions – ice and freezing fog – but, faint heart and all that.  No damage done except to pride, and an enforced evening at home instead of at the pictures.

We gloss lightly over Tuesday and revisit Wednesday.  Actually we’d probably rather not.  Neither of us was in possession of a brain cell that evening. The class was helpless with laughter by 9pm.  Neither of us had the wit to turn up with a cutting mat and ruler – cutters, yes; mat and ruler,no!  Chris wrapped herself up again and walked home to fetch them.  Barbara was demonstrating Nine-patch and Fancy Nine-patch Dresden Plate.  Chris did the cutting.  It does help to make an accurate 9-patch if the strips are cut to the same width (I blame the ruler – Chris).  It also helps if the sewing machine hasn’t spotted an opportunity to malfunction and unthreads itself every time a seam is stitched.  However, in the privacy of her own home Chris has managed to cobble sew the Dresden Plate block back together so that it looks halfway decent despite Barbara’s attempts at sabotage on Wednesday.

But it isn’t stitched down to the background yet  – with the way things are going that might just  be a step too far!

A redeeming feature of Wednesday was the homework that arrived – before we really got under way with looking like idiots – houses abounded!

Thursday – the best that can be said of Thursday is that Chris managed to chip her car out of its icy coating and get to Eccleshall to teach her class without mishap.  And even get home again.  Driving however involved clambering in through the back passenger door and then over the seats to the front as both front doors were resolutely frozen shut.

And then came Friday … Chris was teaching free-machine-quilting at Pollyanna Patchwork in Eccleshall.  The idea is to make it look as unthreatening as possible to a class of beginners. So Chris took her trusty old Singer – it stitches beautifully, never gives any trouble, has travelled about in the car for years … you just know what is coming, don’t you?  Something upset it.  Who knows what, but the tension was all over the place – great loops on the back, snapped top threads …  So at least everyone had a lesson in how to dismantle a sewing machine, clean it out thoroughly, replace everything back where it came from, read the handbook  (ah, the handbook, would have been good to have had that, but it got lost somewhere in one of the many house moves over the last 50 plus years that machine has survived) and then when all else has failed – switch machines. Hey ho.  The end of class was punctuated by a phone call – Barbara’s car (the old one) had broken down, could Chris ride to the rescue??  Chris gathered herself up once more and, having consumed essential coffee and sandwiches together as a late lunch, left Barbara in some considerable agitation to collect (in no particular order) her new car and her daughter.

And so, riding with the punches, we progress to Saturday … Zippy bags II at Tittensor. Barbara was nominally ‘in charge’.  She’d made the prototypes – 3 bags, a messenger bag, a ‘useful’ bag with a concealed zip and a little coin purse with a curved bound edge and a zip.

The ‘useful bag’ had wandered off when this photo was taken, but you get the general idea.  Everyone started by quilting a fat quarter of fabric –

We had omitted to put wadding on the Needs List, fortunately Barbara had the presence of mind to bring a roll – in her new vehicle no less.  And in no time at all everyone had made a useful bag (or make-up bag) with a concealed zip.  These two fabrics were much admired –

After lunch the assembled masses chose whether to tackle the little coin purse or the messenger bag.

Putting the binding on proved fiddly …

… and there was considerable discussion about which way the zip went …

… but despite it all (and how many remembered to open the zip before stitching the bag together??) we think everyone enjoyed themselves and they all went home with at least one finished bag … and full of cake.

The coming week can only be better – can’t it??


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