Jelly rolls and other stuff

Much excited discussion over our start-the-week coffee marathon session – Chris was very taken with our friend Debbie Wendt’s description of Jelly Roll Race quilts and we both made plenty of scribbled notes as to what we could do with the concept.  Our notes are, of course, illegible thanks to soaring caffeine levels so you might want to sneak over and read through the process for yourself on Debbie’s blog …    Legible notes we had made over the weekend reminded us that Kathleen at Sentimental Quilter is featuring instructions for a different little quilt each month – this looks like yet another of her popular and enjoyable projects that we could all have fun with.  Barbara is especially tempted to join in as the designs are based on vintage quilts and would be an excuse opportunity to use some of the fabric that has been quietly piling up under her desk.  However, after doing hard sums and arithmetic we concluded that there were still only going to be 24 hours in a day and that there were already too many items on the Must Do List, but it won’t stop us keeping an eye on everyone else’s progress!

We’re putting the final touches to the samples and worksheets for our Bag Day at the end of this week – the little zipped coin purse looked like this yesterday

and by the time we hit the “publish” button for this post, there should be several of them ready to be admired and revealed on Saturday.

Then we needed to discuss transportation and work out how we would deal with the thorny logistics of new cars arriving soon and how much stuff can we cram into each one – Chris is sizing her car down a little and Barbara has decided to throw caution and economic sense to the winds and size up quite a lot.  So lots of changes for both of us in what we expect to haul around  – could get interesting when the new vehicles get delivered at the end of the week!


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