Class report week 2

A very quick class report – it’s minus 4 degrees outside and Barbara doesn’t want to sit around too long for fear she might become a lump of ice.  OK,  minus 4 is not that cold but it really feels like a good reason not to stay in one spot too long, indoors or out.  We remembered to take a quick shot of our smiling students before they found out what homework we were setting for this week

Last week, while Chris was dealing with the flu demon, Barbara had shown everyone some hexagons-made-from-triangles that she had slapped together  made over Christmas and we explored just a few of the possibilities of this construction.  C&B “kit-ettes” for similar hexagons were produced this week so that  everyone had a chance to refresh their handpiecing skills and we hope to see several of these made up into sizeable pincushions in due course.  But it’s easy to get carried away, so here’s a delightful example that almost made itself after last week’s session

Two students claim to be complete beginners.  We tend to be very wary of this self-assessment because we’ve found, over the years, that “complete beginners” turn out to be way ahead of the two of us in all skills and productivity rating.  And, yes, its going to happen again this term – with no previous patchwork experience, here’s what Angela has made in the past week –

Its true that they’re not traditional Log Cabin blocks in terms of value and fabric placement, but we all thought they looked absolutely wonderful and you could see a number of little light bulbs switching on – random Log Cabin here we come!

Homework this week is six or twelve inch house blocks, or any of the other worksheets we handed out.  We’re delighted to find that we are (inadvertently) keeping up with current trends – over in blogland folks are making houses galore.  Take a look at Repro Quilt Lover and Building Houses from Scraps and try to resist joining in!


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