Working hard …

No pics for this post but just to refute the idea that Barbara is just messing around during her brief trip to the States – she wishes to report in (from her host’s snazzy state-of-the-art Mac .. and dribbling with techie envy) that she has personally hauled 500 -yes, FIVE HUNDRED, vintage quilts of all shapes, sizes and weights out of cupboards and into heaps and then up and down a flight of stairs and then back up the stairs again.  Now five hundred quilts is roughly 200 more than a whole quilt show, so this is a considerable achievement for one pair of hands!  And excellent exercise!!  So, as soon as she works out how to get pictures downloaded onto this magnificent machine, you may get a glimpse of some of the fabulous quilts she has been hauling – or then again, the pictures may show up on Barbara’s blog when she gets home.

And there’s a cryptic message about “The Cherrywood has been ordered” which may have meaning for some readers….


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