Grow your own quilt

Well, we’ve survived the first workshop of the year – and we think the students did too, aided by copious cups of tea and coffee, not to mention chocolate biscuits and cake.

This month’s class was another ‘Grow your Own’ – a medallion-style quilt where you start with a centre and add borders until you run out of time/patience/fabric/whatever. But this time we were cruel and started with a couple of borders so everyone could (would?) have a go at Seminole technique to make a zigzag border and a diamond border. Plenty of practice using those ‘funny lines’ on the rulers.

After lunch Barbara moved on to the centre block – a Carolina Lily in a pot. At 20 inches square on point it was a reasonable size for having a first go at Y (or set-in) seams on the machine. We’d thought everyone would opt for one or other of the simple (-ish) centres we’d given as alternatives but most decided to try the Lily. Barbara’s sample-in-bits did look very splendid.

It all took time and Barbara was busy washing up cups and Chris forgot her camera (again!) so no further photos of Lily blocks, or even units, although many were stitched. We did see the start of a splendid simple centre quilt from Val –

And we all admired Jane’s Christmas present from her husband and boys –

– which she soon put to good use (though how she could bear to chop into it …??)

Finally, as everyone realised the day had disappeared and it was time to pack up, we managed to get most of the class together with some of their hard work and looking happy.

Our next class is a Bag day on Feb 11th and the Needs list is on the website. In the meantime we need to get ourselves organised for the start of Evening Classes in Stone on Jan 25th. We can still squeeze a couple more in if you’re interested; we’ll be looking at blocks with a ‘Thirties’-feel. (Another excuse for Barbara to buy repro-fabric – Chris)


3 thoughts on “Grow your own quilt

  1. So sorry I missed what seemed a great day!!! I think I might to need to take the ‘dreaded painkillers’ in future (might have a rotator cuff problem).

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