How did it get to be ‘next year’ so soon?

Classes start next week! Have we done anything about this?? Well, we’ve had some high-level meetings (aka coffee and cake) and we’ve scribbled on bits of paper and fretted a lot and shuffled fabric about and even cut a few bits up and sewn them back together again. But – have to admit to a mild state of panic as to how fast this year seems to be going before we’ve even got used to the idea that it is this year. Chris has added to this mild panic by vanishing to the depths of deepest Wales for a couple of days (and very good it was too, despite the wind and rain; excellent hotel, comfy beds and wonderful food plus blazing log fires – Chris). So now it’s probably time we buckled down to some serious work – starting on Monday.

In the meantime a few photos for inspiration from Chris’s previous house (late Victorian). And before you ask – no, Chris has not made anything based on any of these (yet).

There were some really lovely fireplaces, tiles, ceiling roses and other bits and bobs in that house. Sketchbooks are filling with applique ideas, quilting designs and all sorts … But we really must sort out all the equipment for next week, and get the worksheets finished, and the Blue Peters done, and (most importantly) buy the chocolate biscuits. Head over to our website for class details and Needs Lists.


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