Mystery Monday 7 Step 13

And here we are – the final week where you get to arrange the blocks according to our Grand Plan. Download the printable version here.

First, find your blocks – you should have 4 of Block 1, 4 of Block 2 and 1 of Block 3.

Arrange your blocks with Block 3 at the centre. Barbara is arranging hers like this –

But because you have the same number of Blocks 1 and 2 you could change things around.  Which would look like this –

Once you have decided on an arrangement, simply (!?) stitch your blocks together. Add a border or two and then just layer, quilt and bind, not forgetting the all-important label of course.  It’ll be ready for Christmas!

And that’s all (for this year) folks! Have a good Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year with lots of stitching time. Mystery Monday will return – eventually, and possibly in a different format, but we’re going to take a holiday for a few months. When we started it was just going to be one mystery quilt for the summer holidays, but somehow … …


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