Mystery Monday 7 – Step Twelve

By now we are getting very close to the end of this Mystery Project – download the printable instructions here.

This week we are making the final block, Block 3

You will need to find:-

4 Unit 2 from Step 7 at the corners

4 Flying Geese 2 from Step 5 north south east and west

1 D square from Step 1 at the centre

Assemble and join the units into strips then into the block.

Label as Block 3 and put with Blocks 1 and 2 in that safe place ready for next week.

With apologies for the poor quality of the photo and block pic but Chris is doing this week’s post and has failed to find the original jpegs so this one is copied and pasted from the pdf. Tomorrow, of course, the jpegs will emerge from their hiding place chortling happily.

(p.s. this post may or may not be posted correctly – its publication has been entrusted to Chris’s daughter, Rebecca, who is monopolising the computer into the small hours of the morning desperately trying to finish her work before 9am Monday morning, and desperately trying not to get distracted by the likes of I suspect that being given the responsibility of blog-posting is also punishment for having ‘come home to visit my mother for the weekend’ and in fact pitching up late on Saturday evening, disappearing for most of Sunday and only reappearing to sleep in her spare bed, eat her food, and incarcerate myself in her study in order to complete the weekend’s work. I have promised to be a better daughter in future…)


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