Chopped up circles

Winter gloom and grey mist outside for our Saturday class Chopped up Circles – but warm and light inside with quantities of laughter, coffee, tea, biscuits and cake.  The requirements list for this cryptically-titled class encouraged everyone to bring fabrics they didn’t really care about and see what happened.  Chris showed various ways of constructing and deconstructing circles and then it was time to play with fabric, bondaweb, interesting stitches and generally have a good time.   We’re hoping that lots of these get finished and maybe even find their way to the Uttoxeter quilt show next year …

Here’s a selection of the various projects under way, starting with a Wonky Stars top begun in one of Chris’s classes for Pollyanna Patchwork –

and at the end of the day a lot had been accomplished – well done everyone!

Our next class at Tittensor is Saturday 14 January when we will be offering a chance to “Grow Your Own” quilt top.   This is the third in our Grow Your Own series, and like each of the first two classes, is a new original design with lots of options to change things around if you wish.  Booking forms and requirements lists are on our website plus the full list of dates for next year’s Saturday and evening classes.


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