Mystery Monday 7 – Step Ten

And so the weeks roll on – you’ll be relieved to know there are no more units of any kind!  Download the printable instructions here.   Please note: Barbara has added a second picture to this post which is not included in the printable format (don’t ask, its just one of those division of labour things, and its Barbara’s problem fault).

This week we start to assemble units so you will need to retrieve all that labelled stuff that has gathered in your safe place over the past few weeks.

We’ll begin with Block 1

This block is composed of the following units

3 Unit 1 from Step 6 – 3 corners

1 Unit 2 from Step 7 – 1 corner

4 Unit 1 Flying Geese from Step 5  – north, south, east and west

1 square C from Step 1 at the centre

Join the units into strips of 3, press and trim, then join the strips together into the block, following the diagram carefully.  In the same way make 3 more blocks to give a total of 4 Block 1.  Press and trim.

Label as Block 1 and put in the proverbial safe place.


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