End of term report

Our last evening class at The Station for this year (we can’t quite bring ourselves to confront the whole festive thing just yet) and a chance to review some of the topics we have covered and look ahead to our plans for next term.  This time we have done 10 classes, next time we are reverting to our more usual 8 just because we can.  During the interesting process of Chris’s relocation, Barbara rummaged through some of the books in her sewing room and came up with several that we have both looked at many times over the years and now seem “of the moment” again.  So next year our evening classes will focus on hand and machine piecing, applique and quilting but with a nostalgic almost 30s feel to some of the patterns and blocks.   Barbara is currently hiding away in her room, muttering and hauling fabrics out from her stash to get going on class samples, when she should really be helping Chris unpack boxes and paint walls.

Over the past 10 weeks we’ve looked at hand and machine piecing, hand and machine applique, and hand quilting, with a dash of Somerset Star, stained glass and paper piecing for good measure.  Its been a really happy cheerful atmosphere with lots of good-natured banter and support, despite our various individual absences dealing with unforeseen events.  And the homework has been top notch!  Gold stars all round ladies.  (a reminder about entries for the quilt show at Uttoxeter….??)

Here’s a glimpse of the latest batch of homework – Somerset Stars, machine applique and a full set of blocks for Leigh’s handsome quilt

Our next stop is on Saturday for our Tittensor class Chopped Up Circles, then it will be time for the next Mystery Monday instalment.  And coming up very quickly is the Christmas meeting of Staffs Patchworkers – it’s all go!




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