Stitching and stress

A busy week all round – Chris is teaching 2 classes and packing boxes and Barbara is on duty at Staffs Ps & Qs and working on a couple of neglected but quite important long-term projects.  The classes Chris is teaching for Pollyanna Patchwork are impressively productive as you can see from some of the pictures Chris took with her phone –

There are lots more pictures from these classes but they are trapped somewhere in the ether between Chris’s house and C&B Headquarters – technology continues to present its own interesting problems in the format of slow internet connections, non-existent internet connections, overworked laptops and ageing phones and collective bad temper.  But we digress….

Last night’s evening class topic was applique and, having covered the basic essentials of machine applique with a smattering of information for hand applique, it will be interesting to see what homework arrives next week.


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