Life is getting very interesting – as in the often-quoted Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” – both of us are having nerve and stamina tested with events and responsibilities. We have had several meetings at Headquarters to keep our caffeine intake up to the mark


So it was really cheering to see some amazing homework at the start of last night’s class – gold stars to everyone! Last week we looked at some simple blocks such as 4patch, Snowball and Square on point and lots of beautifully matched and pieced blocks were put down on the table



There was even one block under construction which is homework for next week – what about that for forward planning?!


Last week we had also looked at some quilt plans and suggestions for putting some of this term’s blocks together. What a fabulous surprise to see these two layouts on the table – we are convinced that some students never sleep!


This week’s topic was hand quilting with a brief “hands on” session after Barbara’s rant demonstration


Next week Chris is in charge and we’ll be turning our attention to machine applique. Anything could happen…


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