More of the same

– which is the running around, packing and unpacking – for both of us.  Poor Chris got back from a heavy week of scene shifting and sifting to find that she was doing a solo turn at the evening class in addition to the other two classes in her diary!  Never has one woman packed, unpacked and repacked with quite such frequency!  Barbara has been doing much the same – her solo turn was at C&B Headquarters catching up on those all important admin mantters, and also two classes in the diary for this week.  So until our emails and computers synch back together again, there are no pictures of “what we did in class” this week – which was an introduction to Stained Glass applique since you ask.   If everyone does their homework we hope to show some pictures next week ..  no pressure folks!  But you can see who we hope is going to be doing the homework –

In the middle of all this rushing around we have managed to come up with what we think might be A Good Idea for this blog – lets just say it involves words and pictures, isn’t mysterious like our Monday posts, and ask you to watch this space…  if one of us can just make a clear day soon.

And to finish we’ve got a picture of the view that we don’t have from Headquarters – we temporarily decamped just to bring you this summery shot from our mobile office at Trentham Gardens.


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