Mystery Monday 7 – Step Two

Time to start cutting and piecing in earnest this week – you can download a printable version here.

You will need Fabrics A and B1

Flying Geese unit – make 16

Use your preferred method or follow our instructions for the standard “squares and rectangles” method of making these useful units –

From Fabric B1 cut 16 rectangles 4 ½” x 2 ½”

From Fabric A cut 32 squares 2 1/2”

RS together, place an A square on a B1 rectangle lining up
the outside edges.

Mark a line as shown – this will be your stitching line

Stitch on the marked line, trim and press as shown

you will be measuring ¼” away from the stitched line and cutting. This leaves 2 delightful very small triangles already RS together – we have no plan for these! You might want to save them all for a later project, or you might just sweep them aside…

RS together, place a second A square on the opposite side of
the B1 rectangle as shown

Mark the diagonal line, stitch, trim and press as shown

TIP: Take care with the direction of the diagonal lines ………..

Here’s what the finished unit should look like, front then back

Notice that the lines of stitching cross on the back and the seam allowances press out and away from the large triangle.

Make a total of 16 of these units – we like to chain piece all one set of squares into place and then the second, you may prefer to finish each unit before moving onto the next. It doesn’t really matter, you still need to make 16 of them.

Label these units FG1 and put in a safe place.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 7 – Step Two

  1. Hello,

    I truly enjoy following your blog and would like to attempt the Mystery Monday Project however, I cannot access a printable version of the Step Two instructions. Can you help me with this dilemna?

    Thank you,

    Kathleen Mannion
    Fournier, Ontario

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