Whirlies and windmills

Well we thought it was an ok title for a workshop! What we did was choose three blocks which featured movement and added in one of those natty foundation pieced twisty log cabins for good measure. So in the morning session Chris talked everyone through the steps for making half square triangles, quarter square triangles, flying geese and jewel box units. More caffeine then on to making blocks and the wall of fame was quite full by the end of the day. After lunch and a really good show and tell session Barbara did a quick demo of the basics of foundation piecing and then it was on to more blocks….
We just had a good time looking at the super fabric choices and eating cake! Here’s a few shots to give you the flavour of the day –
(by the way we still have a few places for the 8th October class on 1000 pyramids)












A particular “well done” to Shiela who is on a real finishing up roll – three tops today from evening classes and previous Saturday classes!


2 thoughts on “Whirlies and windmills

  1. Had a fab day as usual – learned lots, but just as much fun catching us with workshop friends and seeing all the completed projects and yummy fabrics.

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