Too much going on!

Life has become very busy for both of us – or rather, even busier than usual.  So much so that we’ve only sat down in C&B Head Office once this week!  Chris is teaching most Thursdays and Saturdays and we have evening class on Wednesdays and also C&B Saturday classes.  It isn’t any of these that’s the problem really – there’s just less time in each day at the moment!  Chris also started rolling out the clean-up concept this week – you know, the one where everything will get resolved if you can only tidy up and clear away all those heaps of chaos projects, fabric and tools and actually walk in to your sewing room.  There does come a point where you just have to stop and do something about it because otherwise madness beckons – and we both reached that point this week!

Here’s Chris’s side of the situation once she’d imposed order on her space

and a little taste of the before and during part

Barbara hit the same “need to clear” shortly afterwards and, in a whirl of misdirected multi-tasking, has put the pictures on her blog, not this one!  But you can see that she still has some way to go –

It was rather less chaotic (really? Chris) at evening class.  We persuaded everyone to put on a mega-happy face before settling down to a little light hand piecing of Grandmother’s Fan blocks

It was lovely to see Joy’s quilt that she had finished from last term’s classes – well done Joy, it looks great!

Little bit of a green theme creeping in – Barbara picked up on this when she made the sample blocks for our Windmills & Whirlies class this Saturday

And, in a shameless plug for Staffs Patchworkers, Barbara would like to point you to their website where you can find details of one of her weird ideas the Chairman’s Challenge.  The Challenge is open to anyone who cares to enter, delivery/closing date is the December meeting Thursday 1 December.

More cleaning, clearing and organising beckons – see you for Mystery Monday!


One thought on “Too much going on!

  1. I’ve had a good tidy up too although that will no doubt be a waste of time when I start pulling fabrics out for tomorrow! Love the look of the samples. Glad to hear that the class photos were taken before they started as the tables look far too tidy. Joy’s quilt is lovely. Thanks for the challenge reminder, I had actually forgotten but started to look for inspiration last night.

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