Classes start

So, summer’s over, classes start and we’re (almost) ready to start the weekly round of packing and unpacking the cars twice in the same evening – we’re hoping that with all the extra physical effort we can shed some of the inches that have crept on over the summer thanks to lots of sitting around slurping coffee and trying to keep warm. Full house for our evening classes – this time, by request, we are going to focus on a little more hand stitching. Barbara has even designed some simple stained glass blocks with this in mind (and, rumour has it, she might be persuaded to do some of that hand quilting she’s supposed to be good at – Chris) – we’ll keep you posted on how it all goes! We’re looking forward to being back at Stone Station with the Mighty Beast keeping watch from the upstairs window and the 8.50pm express hurtling through to keep us on schedule. Must remember to re-stock the tea, coffee and biscuit supplies too!
This post comes to you direct from C&B Headquarters courtesy of modern technology and Barbara’s iPod gadget….


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