Mystery Monday 7 starts here!

Weeks are passing at the speed of light, or so it seems and this week we begin our 7th Mystery Monday project.  It’s traditional in flavour and could be coloured to reflect the festive season (the one that begins with Chri…), and is scheduled to finish in early December.  Oh, and the size is 36″ square approx without borders.

The yardages are relatively generous but do not allow for borders. Download a printable copy here.

You will need a total of 5 fabrics

1yard/metre of background – the lightest of your 5 choices

This will be Fabric B1

½  yard/metre of a second background – darker than your first background, still lighter than the remaining 3 choices

This will be Fabric B2

¾ yard/metre of a “main” bright (you might care to think about a festive red..?)

This will be Fabric A

½  yard/metre of a “main” dark ( perhaps a festive green …?)

This will be Fabric D

A generous ¼ yard/metre or 8 squares cut 4 ½”of an accent fabric (a big splashy Christmas print?)

This will be Fabric C

NOTE:  Our preference would be to just acquire 1 yard/metre of each of the 5 fabrics and then use anything left over for conjuring into a border and part of the backing………..

Here are Barbara’s fabric choices – they’re sort of festive, but then again possibly not

.. her excuse is that she got distracted by some rather yummy  Oakshott wovens, quickly followed by a few batiks that were hanging around.

So get your fabrics at the ready, Step One will be posted next week.


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