Mystery Monday 6 – The fifth step

Almost time for the serious autumn stitching to begin, but before that gets under way here’s the fifth and final step to our 6th Mystery Monday project – you can download the printable version here

Step 5

 Find your squares from last week. This is where it all comes together and the Mystery is solved.

Actually, we aren’t going to be much help to you here – not for nothing did we call it Anything Goes.

Arrange your squares into a pleasing design and stitch them together. (See, it’s that easy!!)  Here, courtesy of Electric Quilt, are a few ideas to start you thinking

Turn them into a cushion, bag front, table mat, wallhanging – depending on how many you made and how big your squares are.

Here’s one we made earlier – it’s a bag front and back.

Coming very soon!! Mystery Monday 7 – requirements list will be posted on Monday 11 September.



2 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 6 – The fifth step

  1. It’s that easy, huh? You forgot to mention trimming the squares to one size! Mine are all over place, lol! but that is probably because I’m a novice quilter, and still can’t get those dang corners to match up….This has been fun though, and I’ll stay tuned to see what else you come up with!

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