Mystery Monday 6 – Step Four

You probably won’t believe that we are already deep in planning and cutting for Mystery Monday 7 and 8!  (Contrary to how it often appears, we can be very organised and prepared).  We don’t believe it either – just who is responsible for all these weeks zooming by?  In the past week we’ve been busy having a good time swapping international quilting ideas and projects with Lee Cleland.  As a result of these high level conferences we’ve craftily  carefully managed to offload  delegate some vital future project construction to Lee without taking too much on ourselves.  Wasn’t that smart!!

Anyhow, we still need to tell you what the next step is for our current Mystery so here it is – you can download a printable version here to refer to.

Step 4 

Rescue your safely kept bags/heaps of 4-patch or 9-patch units.

You now have 2 options.  If you have a lot of larger scraps, but not too many units made, follow Option 2.  If you have a lot of units, but not many larger scraps then follow Option 1.  Or there is Option 3 – combine both 1 and 2; after all this Mystery is called “Anything Goes” ….

Option 1

Draw a diagonal line across each light 4-patch (or 9-patch) on the wrong side. You may also find it more accurate if you draw lines ¼ inch either side of this line as stitching lines.

Pair light and dark units.

Stitch ¼ inch either side of diagonal line – We both found it MUCH more accurate to take extra time and draw the stitching lines.

You could cut the squares into triangles and then stitch, it can be nearly as accurate, and may increase the randomness of your ultimate design.

Open and press

Option 2

Measure your pieced squares. Cut some light and some dark squares this size from your scrap stash.
Proceed as for Option 1, pairing a light pieced square with a dark complete square and a dark pieced square with a light complete square.  Mark the diagonal lines and stitch.

Cut apart on centre diagonal, open out and press.

Put all these squares away ready for next week.


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