Next year – already!

Bowing to intense public pressure (or so we like to think) we’re posting our dates for 2012 now.  We’ll post the full details here and also on the website when we mail out our brochure at the beginning of September (crikey, that’s only a couple of weeks away – what happened?)  It seems that every year we all have to book further and further ahead – Barbara’s “not-C&B” diary bookings are already into the later part of 2013 and she’s still muttering darkly about time passing too quickly and what happened to this year anyway.  So, here are those dates:

Saturday 14 January

Saturday 11 February

Saturday 10 March

Saturday 12 May

Saturday 16 June

Saturday 15 September

Saturday 13 October

Saturday 10 November

Next  year we also have 2 “finishing” days – 28 April & 24 November – there’s a whole load of ufo’s out there waiting to be finished, re-started, whatever.

Just a couple of days before the next international quilter/visitor arrives at C&B Headquarters on Friday and we get carried away on jolly things like consuming coffee and cake in the boardroom – we really enjoyed Debbie Wendt’s visit last week, so much so that one day we swapped our usual coffees for long fizzy drinks!

The next visitor to be allowed through the security desk at C&B Headquarters will be Lee Cleland – some of you will already know Lee from her mega-selling classic book “Quilting makes the Quilt“.  We’re really looking forward to welcoming her back to the UK and catching up on all her news.

And, finally, as a postscript to Festival of Quilts and Debbie’s visit, Barbara has insisted on including just a couple of Tentmaker pics – wasn’t it a fabulous exhibit?  More pics etc should make their way onto Barbara’s blog in due course (or when she stops twanging away on that darn guitar – Chris).



2 thoughts on “Next year – already!

  1. Two days for finishes – great. I have all the dates noted. Not surprised you had a good time with Debbie, what a lovely person she is. Tentmakers area was superb.

  2. I agree, the tentmakers area was fab. I took my mum to the FoQ for the first time and we made some cute Christmas tree decorations. Picked up some great purchases as well! See you in September 🙂

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