Mystery Monday 6 – Step Two

Back from Festival of Quilts in time for our next Mystery Monday step – everything is still relaxed as you will see from the instructions – you’ll be able to download your printable version here .  We’ve planned a Board Meeting at C&B Headquarters tomorrow so we will post a news report on all our amazing activity after that…

Mystery Monday 6 Step Two

Find the bag or heap of light squares.  Sew them together into 4-patch units.

Make at least 18  light 4 patch units – the more you have the more design opportunities there will  be.  Resist the urge to match things up and keep your placement and arrangement of squares as random as you possibly can.

Option B

If you have lots and lots of scraps – especially small ones –  then make 9-patch units rather than 4-patches.

Press the seams towards the middle on some strips and away from the middle on others.  Then when you come to join the strips together, if you undo a little stitching at each seam junction you can press the seams in opposite directions.

Keep all your light 4 or 9 patches in the proverbial safe place and wait for the next thrilling instalment ……


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