Mystery Monday 6 – The first step

If you think you will need to download printable instructions for this step, you can do that here

Step 1

From your scraps cut  squares – cut them all the same size and roughly equal numbers of light and dark.  Keep cutting squares until you get really, really bored.  The more squares you have, the bigger your final piece and the better it will look.  We would suggest cutting them no bigger than 3 inches and no smaller than 1½ inches.  You may want to keep your much larger scraps uncut for now and concentrate on the smaller bits.

If it’s any help – Chris cut her squares 1½ inches (using sample squares) and Barbara cut hers 3 inches.

Put light squares into one bag/box/container/heap and dark squares into another. If you like you can label the bags – A and B; light and dark; L and D … we leave it up to you!

Above you can see Chris’s  squares cut and sorted into lights and darks.

Keep everything in a safe place for next week.


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