And our winners are ….

A hectic week in the rarified world that is C&B Enterprises – we even had an international visitor to C&B Headquarters (hi Debbie!) so we had help with the coffee consumption

And before Headquarters reopens for the working week with a Mystery Monday post, we need to announce the lucky winners of our 200th post giveaway

Congratulations to both Annie and Marj – your books are on the way!  Thanks to everyone who left a comment, Step One of Mystery Monday is less than a day away…………


3 thoughts on “And our winners are ….

  1. Welldone, Annie and Marj. You will really enjoy this book Great ‘reference’ source. I thought I had lost my copy but had put it away ‘in a safe place’ (?).
    Panic ‘attack’, for a moment or two.
    Enjoy the book!!!!!!

  2. I just got back home from a visit to my Mom and found that I was one of the winners. Thank you Chris and Barbara, I look forward to getting a copy of your book.

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