Not Mystery Monday

Chris is still in splendid isolation and sole charge of business in the executive suite of C&B Enterprises (some fantasy that is! – Chris) while Barbara continues to wait for good weather somewhere in the eastern shires.  The rain has stopped

and more tourist pics have been taken

Can you see any likeness between the lady on the left above and the Tenniel illustrations of Alice In Wonderland?  apparently this was one of his direct inspirations…… formidable-looking women, both of them!

And you can find quilting almost everywhere –

Actually, Barbara’s idea of a good holiday pretty much centres around the sort of thing you can see here –

but preferably with a lot of sun and a distant view of the Mediterranean thrown in for good measure.

But back to business – no Mystery Monday post tomorrow.  Hope you’ll all be able to get through the week without that!  Mystery Monday 6 starts next Monday with the requirements list – this project will be slightly different from previous Mystery Mondays in that it could be all scrap-based.  A chance to diminish the stash perhaps?

And another milestone is imminent – our next post will be the 200th!   There will be the traditional giveaway of course so watch this space!


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