More away days

Barbara is not really sure where the away days stop and the away weeks begin – close on the heels of a hugely enjoyable teaching trip to Jersey she now finds herself in deepest Norfolk apparently on holiday.  Lots to do and see, even better if the rain clouds would disappear!  Still, there seem to be several quilts which need the binding finished and other projects which sneaked into the suitcase so there will be plenty to do as the waters rise …

Here’s one of the projects – this may show up as part of our evening class samples in September, or it may become something else entirely.  Very quick and easy, starting with some pre-cut Fan blades spotted on a recent visit to Pollyanna Patchwork.  So far, 8 blocks are under construction but who knows? – this is something that would be really easy to grow and grow.

As well as gardens and horticultural abundance, interesting and quaint buildings

there are lots of medieval churches to see with masses of pattern/decorative inspiration – these pew backs could so easily become strippy quilt designs –

And more sewing may be on the agenda – here’s the very latest weather update

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “More away days

  1. As Maggie says, the fans look good. I know it is not nice to have rain on a holiday but I just love the countryside when it rains Everything smells so fresh (IMO).

    Have a good time for the rest of your holiday, even though it meqans more sewing!!!!

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