Mystery Monday 5 Step 8

We can hardly believe that it’s the last week for this Mystery Monday project already.  You can download the final instructions here.

This week you will need all the units from Steps 5, 6 and 7.

Arrange these, as shown below, with Step 5 unit in the centre, Step 7 blocks in the corners and Step 6 units at North, South East and West with the C triangles to the centre.

Stitch the units into rows and the rows together to complete the quilt top.

You can play around with the units to make different designs if you wish – we’d love to see what you come up with, whether it’s your final choice or not. (Annette, we’re counting on you!)

Finally – layer, quilt and bind; not forgetting the all important label and a sleeve if required.  Which means that you will have something to do next Monday even though there are no more piecing steps.  Mystery Monday 6 will be starting in a couple of weeks and there is the small matter of our 200th post coming up VERY shortly – stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 5 Step 8

  1. No pressure then!!!! I was at work this morning so didn’t get to print the sheet out till lunchtime and was so engrossed in playing with different ways that I forgot to eat and still can’t decide which one to do!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!! Have taken piccies and am going to have to study them now. Really like your lay out so if I can’t decide I shall just have to make another one!!!! Hahahaha!!!! 🙂

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