Mystery Monday 5 Step 7

Step Seven of our current Mystery Monday project is beamed to you courtesy of the wonderful internet and telecoms facilities of Jersey, Channel Islands.  Barbara is really thrilled that there is excellent network coverage for her mobile phone in all sorts of places plus free (reliable) wifi at the hotel – so very different to the situation in deepest middle England.  You’ve probably guessed that there is more cutting and sewing back together this week.  You can download a printable version here.

You will need fabric B, the remaining HST units from Step 2, and units from Step 4.

From B cut a 4½ inch strip and cut 8 squares.

Your collection of units and squares should look like this

Lay the units and squares out as shown to make a 9-patch block

Stitch the pieces together into rows

then  rows together

and  complete the block.

Make 4 blocks and put in the safe place with units from Steps 5 and 6 until next week – when all will be revealed!


One thought on “Mystery Monday 5 Step 7

  1. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Have cut my squares ready and am looking forward to joining them tomorrow!!!!!!! Reckon it’s going to look jubblies!!!

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