Away Days 2

Chris has returned from her wanderings ‘down south’ with one or two photos. The camera was carried on most (but sadly not all) occasions, especially planned visits – but it was playing up a bit and would only work when shaken and then the photos turned out  a bit fuzzy. Strange, that! So without more ado here are few pics for inspiration or …

First one from Fishbourne Roman Palace near Chichester.

then on into Chichester itself and the Bishop’s Palace Gardens – just look at the brick wall …

Then Mottisfont near Romsey – the roses were still out although many had faded, but lots to see and don’t you love these deep purple poppies against the white?

And finally the quilt show at Romsey Abbey –  loads of photos of quilts were taken but here’s one of a tile in the Abbey floor

Oh. You want a quilt or two? Well, here’s the altar frontal (sorry about the quality – it seems the flash failed  so have had to do ‘things’ with it in the photo program)

Oh, ok, here’s just one of the many fabulous quilts on display – chosen at random is quilt number 4 made byMary Johnstone and called Gleanings from the Garden

Don’t forget you can click on the photos to see a larger version. And, finally, here’s a photo of a few plants in the garden of King John’s House – a Tudor and Medieval cottage near the Abbey.

Anyone feel a quilt coming on?? Chris’s EQ 7 has been on overtime recently.


4 thoughts on “Away Days 2

    • There were so many lovely quilts at Romsey, I wanted to show all of them, but I was glad this one was the random one – it was beautiful, and an intriguing construction – are those real leaves, or leaf prints, or … ? I couldn’t get close enough to see.

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