Away days

Another day, another trip. Chris stopped off in Petersfield (Hampshire) this afternoon for a rest from driving – walk around the town, buy a newspaper that sort of thing. But her wander round took her past a sign that said ‘Physic Garden’ so she followed it and at the entry to the garden was another notice – ‘Embroidery and Textile Exhibition’. So where did Chris go??! Of course the camera was in the car miles away and anyway the lead to take photos off the camera and onto the computer is at home – so you’ll have to wait – but there was some lovely work on display. If you happen to be in or near Petersfield this weekend then do go and have a look. It was particularly cheering to see work done by the Junior Phoenix Stitchers, I would imagine this is a lively and thriving group judging by the quantity and quality of their work. The Phoenix Stitchers have a blog where you can see some photos of some of the work displayed, including a realistic and yummy looking box of ‘chocolates’! One piece, to my mind though, really stood out – a beautifully pieced and free-machine quilted wall-hanging called Circles by Diddy Young – but sadly there isn’t a photo of this on the blog (yet).

The Physic garden was interesting too!

And, of course, if you’re in the area, the Romsey Quilters have their exhibition at the Abbey at the moment. I will remember to take my camera that day … and batteries.


3 thoughts on “Away days

  1. Glad you found something to entertain you Chris. Has no one ever told you that your camera should be carried at all times??? Think the circles piece may be up on the blog now, if it is the same one. There is certainly one on there which looks stunning with circles that appear to have a lovely translucent quality.

    • I didn’t realise at the time – found your blog and the information later in the week unfortunately. Looks as if they all have a lot of fun and produce some very accomplished work. Quite puts some of us ‘oldies’ to shame!

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