Mystery Monday 5 Step 4

Download printable instructions for Step 4 which showcases one of our favourite bits of piecing magic.  You will need the rectangles and slices you cut so carefully last week.

Stitch the slices into pairs as you would for a 4-patch block.

Press seam. Snip seam allowance almost to stitching between D squares – about ¼ inch from seam

Press away from D.

Draw diagonals from corners, through stitched corners (click on the photo to enlarge it if you need to see more clearly)

Take the 6 D 5½ x 4½ inch rectangles from last week.

Pair these with A/D units just made – right sides together.

Stitch along both marked diagonals. Press stitching.

Check diagonals are correct

then cut between them.

Press units to D triangle.

Take the 2, 5½ x 4½ inch F rectangles from last week. Pair with remaining 2 A/D units and stitch diagonals as before.

Check, cut apart and press.

You should have 12 A/D/D units and 4 A/D/F units.

Keep all these units safe for a future Step.

We were delighted when we found this quick method for these units in Karin Hellaby’s classic book Sew a Row Quilts – more information on all of Karin’s books (and a very well-stocked shop) at


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