Another full house on Saturday for our Kaleidoscope workshop so lots of tea, coffee and cake were required.  Chris led everyone through the easy-but-you-need-to-concentrate steps for cutting interesting triangles from strips and then making eight lines of stitching meet precisely at the centre.  We also had a quick exploration of some of the possibilities of the Kaleidoscope block courtesy of EQ7, various bits of technology and a suitably blank wall.  (Thanks for the other tech. input Ruth!).  Suitably impressed, everyone worked hard (and almost in silence) and soon we were seeing Kaleidoscope blocks popping up all over the place.  Chris had emphasised the advantages of using starch for fabric preparation and the atmosphere and fragrance by the ironing boards was most pleasing to those of us who appreciate the little aromatic things in life … We’re looking forward to seeing finished items in due course – no pressure folks!

Here’s the “taster” shots from the class plus a picture to prove everyone enjoyed themselves –


2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopes

  1. Such wonderful variety, as always. They may have been quiet but the group photo suggests that they all had a good time. Do I see someone in the back who had actually got as far as adding a border?

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