Procrastination …

There’s a class on Saturday so what Chris ought to be doing is putting the worksheets and samples together – and a start has been made

and of course there are further  samples to be prepared to advertise next term’s classes – and again a start has been made … the fabric is starched and ready –

A couple of pieces are even awaiting wadding, backing and quilting

But … a couple of ‘ooh’ moments on EQ the other Saturday led on to another possibility for which the fabric has been found …

and …

Maybe its time for a coffee! Actually we are rather more organised than this post might lead you to believe, it’s just that our attention wanders from one future project to another with alarming ease!  Barbara is also doing a great job on the procrastination front, but her version includes wrecking her best quilting fingers on a guitar fretboard …


4 thoughts on “Procrastination …

  1. Love the fabrics above! NO, not the quilting fingers….but I’m sure you are having fun, Barbara. And what I really want to know is how many quilting projects are in all stages of DONE with you all? That includes the ones running around your heads! If I add my own to your count, I bet we can make it to the thousands!!!

  2. – and just how can you spot one of our long-established students who understands completely how we operate..??? the Jaffa Cakes are in the building ready for Saturday!

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