Mystery Monday 5 Step 3

As seems to always be the case with our Mystery Monday projects, the weeks just race by and it seems we’ve no sooner posted one step than its time for the next one.  This week it appears to be Step Three already!! You can download a printable version of these  instructions too.

You will need fabrics A, D and F

From A cut 1, 3½in strip

From D cut 1, 2½in strip

Stitch strips together. Press to D

Cut into 16, 2½ inch slices.

From D cut 1, 4½in strip and cut into 6, 5½ in x 4½ in rectangles

From F cut 2, 5½ in x 4½ in rectangles

Put these rectangles and slices in a safe place for next week.


6 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 5 Step 3

  1. See, I told you the time flies by and we sometimes have trouble keeping up! The link should be fixed now and we’d like to welcome Annette to the fun and occasional chaos that is Mystery Monday. Just a reminder that a couple of earlier Mystery Monday projects are still available free to download at our website ….

  2. Hi Barbara! Thank you for letting me join in. I have sorted all my fabrics out ready and am looking forward to starting on them tomorrow!! Exciting!! I have also printed out the two earlier MM projects and will definitely be making them too!!! The stash will start having dents in it now!! Woohoo!!!

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