Finishing day

Fabulous weather, a relaxed start and plenty of tea, coffee and cake – key ingredients for our Finishing Day on Saturday.  We’ve been trying for the past three years to pull ourselves and our diaries together so that we could have an informal day for folks to show up and get help/advice on finishing projects.  In addition to the vital catering supplies we took laptops, books and fabrics and spent the day feeling important, helpful and opinionated.  Great fun!  We counted at least 10 projects that are now nearer completion – lots of scribbling in notebooks and looking at quilt layouts in EQ7 on the laptop screens.   Being able to show virtual quilts onscreen and change colours, blocks, borders, settings at the click of a mouse has led to at least 2 more addicts enthusiastic users of Electric Quilt.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the projects underway

Such a great day, there are 2 dates already marked down for next year……….

We also think we may have finished with orange – it’s everywhere and we’re resigned to the fact that we are surrounded

We’ll let you know as soon as we move on to another colour!


4 thoughts on “Finishing day

  1. I really enjoyed the day and found it quite relaxing.Feel better now I know where I’m going with my quilt and I didn’t feel too bossed,Barbara!

  2. You would not believe how old that chicken is either – its just become part of the landscape. I think I made it when I was doing Young Quilters, which was … far too long ago to even contemplate.

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