Mystery Monday 5 Step 2

This week it’s Step 2 and time to get down to some stitching. You can download a printable version here.

You will need the squares you cut last week.  The finished size of the units will be 4″. 

Take the A squares and mark the diagonal (cutting line) and a line ¼” either side of this on each square (sewing lines).

Pair 4 A squares with 4 E squares, right sides together, matching all raw edges. Stitch along the marked lines.

Press and cut apart across marked diagonal to make 8 A/E Half-Square Triangles (HSTs).

Press seam to darker fabric.

Pair the remaining A squares with the 4 D squares. Make 8 A/D HSTs in the same way.

Take the B squares and mark them as you did the A squares.

Pair B squares with the remaining 8 E squares. Stitch, press and cut apart as before to make 16 B/E HSTs.

Now take the C and D squares.

Mark the diagonals as before on either the D or C squares – whichever shows up best. Pair the D and C squares as before, stitch, press and cut apart to make 8 C/D HSTs.

Trim all the ears off the units.

You should have 8 A/D, 8 A/E, 16 B/E, and 8 C/D units

Keep these Step 2 HST units in a safe place – you’re sure to need them later on!


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