Life is still orange…

…   at least orange is (supposedly) a cheerful, sunny sort of colour, although we are both too busy to be sunny and cheerful at present.  In the midst of moving her entire home office and a whole load of deadlines… (which partly explains the unsunny mood)  Chris has found herself succumbing to the temptation of orange. 

To be fair, this last one is a project that was started last year and now seems like a good time to finish it – there has been some scribbling on the back of envelopes over coffee, but it’s looking like it will get finished this time around, which is always a Good Thing.

Barbara’s orange phase continues over at her house – step by step she’s finishing up the quilting of her Starter for Nine class sample from earlier this year.  We’ve had a number of requests for this pattern and we may even get around to putting this together! 

A quick jolly down to bother  visit Anne & Tori at ZigZags  in Newport and pick up a basket stuffed with lovely fabrics for our Kaleidoscope and Finishing classes – we think we may do some serious shopping in the basket ourselves before taking it to class, it looks so good!  (and, yes, there is some orange in here too!)

Barbara is packing her bags yet again, this time she’s off to Southport Quilters to talk about Tentmaker applique and teach the essentials of needleturn applique.  Later in June she will be taking the same bags down to Brockhampton Quilters for a workshop and also Country Threads in Bath.  And, yes, a little orange has crept in here as well for the workshop samples – ok, the first one is not absolutely orange but you can see a sunny colour in places –

Hopefully life will be a more subtle colour by the time Mystery Monday rolls around next week – do let us know if you plan on following along.



One thought on “Life is still orange…

  1. A fantastic post, all the orange looks great. I particularly like the two applique pieces. Hopefully you can help me to get my Starter for Nine finished on Saturday!

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