It’s a mystery –

A reminder that our fifth Mystery Monday project begins on the 30th of this month – next week even! 

One of the major mysteries in our lives is how things happen so quickly and deadlines that you thought were months away suddenly show up and demand attention – Chris is currently confined to her room while she produces a set of magazine articles, several magazine projects and a range of class samples. 

Another mystery that shows up from time to time is how you can start pulling out fabrics for one particular project and end up with a completely different project and fabrics.  We both suffer really badly from this particular mysterious affliction – just recently everything in Barbara’s sewing room has turned orange/yellow/brown and what she wanted to be working on has changed from her more usual palette of reds,  blues and cream

Yet another mystery is how stuff accumulates and develops, usually unseen and often overnight, on worksurfaces that were only just cleared off. 

And Chris is mystified as to why there are growing piles of CD cases in Barbara’s room taking up perfectly good fabric or book storage space –

Barbara started picking out her fabrics for MM5 but things threatened to be a little orange/yellow, so this is as far as she’s got

Get your fabrics ready (orange or otherwise) and we’ll post Step One next week.


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