Mystery Monday 5

We know we said we’d give you a couple of weeks before embarking on Mystery Monday 5 – and we will – but we thought you might like to see the Needs List for this project ahead of Quilts UK .  So here goes … (the printable version is here too)

This is a small wallhanging / table topper finishing at about 32 inches square without borders.

Needs list

Choose your fabrics from 2 colour families that go together. Fabrics ABC are from one family and DEF from the other.

A – light – 0.5m                         D – dark – 0.5m

B – very light – 0.5m                  E – medium – 0.5m

C – med/bright – 0.25m             F – bright – 0.25m

F could be a print which reads as colour family 2 but has some colour 1 in it.

Borders will probably look best with fabrics C, F, E or D so make sure you can get more of any of these fabrics, just in case.  You won’t know which of them (if any) will look good until the quilt top is finished – we changed our minds several times during the making!

This is Chris’s final fabric choice – A on the left to F on the right. Notice that B (very light) is actually white and not a shade of green (Family 1) at all.

This Mystery will start at the end of this month or beginning of next (May 30th or June 6th) depending on … life … computers … time …. ! (and the amount of coffee/chocolate we’ve consumed).


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