Mystery Monday 4 Step 14

Congratulations to all those who are still managing to keep up – the end is in sight! Download printable instructions for this final step and read on …

You will need:

the 9 blocks from Step Thirteen (Block Z – 5 plain …

… and 4 with a C triangle);

8 blocks from Step Six (Block Y)

4 blocks from Step Four (Block X)

and 4 blocks from Step Two (Block W)

– that should be 25 blocks all together.

Lay the blocks out.

Start with the corner and centre blocks from Step 13 – Block Z, the ones without the C triangle.

Add the blocks from Step 6 (Block Y)

And then the ones from Step 4 (Block X), turned so that the C triangles face the centre

Now the four remaining Block Z (Step 13) with the C triangle turned towards the centre

And finally Block W from Step 2, with the C squares turned to the outside.

The C shapes should now form a pattern round the centre.

And your quilt layout will look a bit like this

Now all you have to do is stitch the blocks together – into rows, then the rows together to complete the quilt top.

We’ll not mention the borders …

…. quilting …. binding … label ….

So we’ll give you a couple of weeks quiet piecing before we bring you MM5.


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