Mystery Monday Step 13

Yet another Monday, yet another computer crisis! Barbara’s faithful old laptop has finally bitten the dust and she has bitten the bullet and gone out to buy a new one – with all the complications that are involved in transferring files, photos and documents.

But it is Monday and the next step of the Mystery is due – this week we’re up to Step 13 and the end is in sight. Download this week’s instructions here and read on …

You will need the 32 A/B/E Quarter-Square Triangle units and the 4 A/E/C units made in Step Twelve; the 4-patch units made in Step Seven; and the 9 squares cut in Step 8.

Take 20 A/B/E units, 20 four-patch units and 5 squares.  Arrange as shown and stitch units together to make 5 blocks.

Take the remaining 12 A/B/E units, the 4 A/E/C units, the remaining 16 four-patch units and 4 squares.  Arrange as shown – taking care with the placement of C in the QST units. Stitch units together to make 4 blocks.

You should now have a total of 9 of these blocks. Put them in the safe place with your other blocks ready for next week when all will be revealed …


One thought on “Mystery Monday Step 13

  1. That looks nice, I’m glad I have been saving the steps. Trust Barbara is getting the laptop sorted out to the accompaniment of some loud music.

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