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After Uttoxeter

We’ve managed to get (almost) everything unpacked and put away after our three days of having a good time at the Uttoxeter quilt show.  It was great to see so many quilting friends and familiar faces along with quilts, embroideries and classes.  Maggi stopped by to give us a quick twirl with one of the bags she had made at our Zippy Bags class

and there were one or two quilts in the main exhibit that had a familiar look to them – well done Kate, Jane and Margery!  Click over to Maggi’s blog to see more quilts from the show …

We managed to catch up with Anne and Tori of ZigZags – one of our regular retail stops in Newport

We spent most of the time at the show handing out paperwork for our Start to Finish day on June 4th and the Electric Quilt classes at The Station on May 14th and September 10th.  Lots of interest too in the Sampler class that Chris will be teaching for Pollyanna Patchwork in September. 

Only a couple of days before all the Easter rushing around begins – Barbara will be travelling north to the land of traditional quilts while Chris recovers (she hopes) in a darkened room with soothing music.  Another instalment of Mystery Monday will be published on Monday – in the meantime, have a good week and Easter holiday.

1 thought on “After Uttoxeter”

  1. Oops, the bag really didn’t go with the waistcoat did it?! Excellent show although am I right in thinking it was quieter than usual? Hope you get lots of takers for your classes and enjoy your Easter break – can’t see Barbara doing it with soothing music though!

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