Before and after

The after part is the Zippy Bags class on Saturday – everyone really entered into the light-hearted spirit of the day and made all sorts of interesting fabric for their bags.  Gorgeous weather outside and everyone sitting determinedly inside in order to make as many bags as possible in the time!  The first bag was a very basic one-zip affair, the second was a two- pocket, two-zip bag that could easily be adapted to wear over the shoulder.

The before part is getting ready for Quilts in the Garden at Uttoxeter at the end of this week.  We’ll be there all three days so we’re hoping lots of folks will drop by and say hello.  It’s a great venue and there will be lots of quilts to see, lots to do and lots to buy …    Barbara is doing one of the short daily classes and has kits and various other bits and pieces to organise.  Chris has been left with  promoted to the job of making sure we have everything else we need – flyers, display boards, demonstration stuff, books, cash box, table covers, PAT-tested cabling and equipment – it’s quite a list!


One thought on “Before and after

  1. Great class. I now have three bags, two already in use and the two-zip one awaiting a cord for the strap and some beading. See you at Uttoxeter. Chris, make sure that Barbara doesn’t put anything that you need into a safe place!

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