The mystery of the missing Mystery Monday step!

Thanks to hawk-eyed readers who have tactfully pointed out that Barbara managed to post Step Ten of Mystery Monday ahead of Step Nine!!  Yes folks, it appears to be true – we’re so busy at present that we’re not sure which way is up nor indeed can we count in sequence.  So here is Step Nine – you should be able to download a printable version here

Step Nine

Cut one 5 1/4inch square from each of Fabrics A and C.

Pair up the squares RS together and on WS of palest fabric mark both diagonals, stitch ¼” away on both sides of ONLY ONE diagonal.

Press flat and then CUT ON BOTH marked diagonal lines.

Press these quarter square triangle units open and trim “ears” and then set carefully aside.

Barbara is going to retire to a darkened room for a short while  and contemplate the concept of pear-shaped  – we’ll re-post Step Ten on Monday to maintain the sequence  ….  Chris is presently banging her head against the nearest wall and muttering about the perils of working with incompetents……


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