More class reporting

This is a busy time for us – evening classes finish next week, Saturday classes to prepare for and we need to start marshalling our thoughts and plans for the Quilts in the Garden show at Uttoxeter next month.  We had a full class on Saturday for Feathered Star and managed an all-time first – almost complete silence for almost the entire day, such were the levels of concentration!  You can see that, despite the lack of noise, lots of lovely blocks were made –

We had a day out on Monday teaching the “Grow Your Own” class for a group in Mold.  Up to this point we’ve  resisted putting the Chris&Barbara Empire on the road, but having discussed this fully, we think we might accept “outside” bookings from time to time.  Anyway, we think Monday’s group had a good time,  every one worked very hard and there’s a rumour that we might do another class for them next year.

The quilt tops from the Wednesday evening classes are coming along really well – by popular request we’re going to try and sort out one or two Saturday sessions to add in so that everyone can get together and keep up with the progress.  Finding space in diaries is something that will probably require a standard C&B committee meeting with lots of coffee ….


2 thoughts on “More class reporting

  1. my quilt throw made from an old skirt and an old maternity top that were in use some thirty years ago, is now made up into nine sample blocks with added sashing – I am so pleased with the result, but I shall have to buy some material for a border. What shall I do on Wednesday evenings, now that the classes are coming to an end? Karin

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