Random class reports

Whisper it quietly but we think we may finally be back to normal function – Chris’s car is returned, her computers and printers are all more or less behaving and Barbara’s lifeblood laptop is also more or less where it was before the Grand Crash  with only a couple of hiccups when iTunes decided to move all her loud music into a pictures file …………….. 

The evening class has been going really well throughout all the mayhem and everyone is now starting to look at ways of arranging their blocks and strips.  This week we’ll be looking at some basics of machine quilting as well as making individual quilt plans, measurements and construction sequence. 

On Saturday our class at Tittensor Village Hall is Feathered Star – last month’s class featured Peaky and Spike units and everyone had a great time making skinny points and triangles

Next month at Tittensor it’s Zippy Bags when we’re planning on converting all those zip-phobic folks into zip experts and making lots of small bags in the process (did we hear someone say “Useful gifts”?).  Barbara has wasted years of her sewing life being zip-averse and reckons if she can do zips, anyone can!

And we’re off on our travels on Monday – we’ll remember to post Step Eight of Mystery Monday before we go – all the way to Mold to give our “Grow Your Own” class”.  This class has been a sell-out each time we’ve done it and we’re hoping that it will please another room full of quilters this time.  So, there’s fabric to starch and press, samples to gather up, handouts to print and all the other necessary little jobs …..



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