Outsmarted by technology –

– or the lack of it.  The near-death of Barbara’s laptop and the absence of Chris’s trusty car have given C&B Enterprises one too many headaches and problems to solve over the past week or so.  We’ve managed fine for classes and “normal” stuff, but for reasons far too boring (and irritating) to recount, anything computer-related or dependent has proved to be just beyond our reach.  There are lots of class pictures to upload and share as well as the regular Mystery Monday posting and loads of other things to do – Barbara has only just got her newly-revived laptop back and is currently grappling with all sorts of mind-numbing tasks such as finding backup files and putting them where they should be (and nothing seems to be quite where she thinks it should be in the first place).

So, to cut a long story short we are going to beg your forbearance and not put up a Mystery Monday post this week – normal service will be resumed NEXT Monday by which time everything should be in full working order.


2 thoughts on “Outsmarted by technology –

  1. Hope things get sorted soon, computers can be very frustrating when they don’t work. A week off comes just at the right time, I have a day go backwards and forwards to the vet

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