Mystery Monday 4 Step 6

Are there more Mondays in a week suddenly? This one seems to have come round too soon. So … here is Step 6 of Mystery Monday 4 and you can download a printable version too.

Pair up the A and B squares from Step 5, mark the diagonal on the WS of the paler fabric and stitch ¼ ” away on both sides of the marked line.

Press flat, cut apart, press and trim these triangle units.  You should have a total of 32 AB triangle units.

Arrange and assemble the AB triangle units above, and BD slices and E squares from Step 5 according to the photo below – you will have a total of 8 blocks.

And that’s it for this week! See you next Monday, when (hopefully) Barbara will have her poorly computer back and Chris will have been reunited with her car. Its been an eventful week at C&B Enterprises!


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