Mystery Monday Step 5

Another Monday, another step in our Mystery. Barbara’s laptop has died (hopefully it can be resuscitated – Barbara) so Chris is attempting this post – which is why it is probably a bit later than you’re used to. Download a printable version here.

From each of Fabrics B and D cut 3 strips 2 ½”

From Fabric E cut 8 squares 4 ½”

From each of Fabrics A and B cut 16 squares 4 7/8”

Pair and seam together the B and D strips, press seams open or to one side.

Cut the paired strips apart into 4 ½” slices – you will need a total of 32 slices.

And put everything in a safe place for next week.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Monday Step 5

  1. I’m still printing off! The floor should be down in the new workroom tomorrow and Wednesday so I could be moving things over the weekend and I MAY actually be able to join in next week!!! (Now I’ve put that down in writting all plans will now go sideways :-(. )

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